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Harare 106.4MHz | Bulawayo 106.7MHz Mutare 95.4MHz | Masvingo 96.1MHz | Gweru 104.3MHz | Victoria Falls 106.5MHz | Beitbridge 101.6MHz | Mutorashanga 97.6MHz | Kadoma 105.2MHz | Nyanga 98.2MHz

ZiFM Stereo began broadcasting at 1200 hours on 15 August 2012. ZiFM Stereo is Zimbabwe’s first privately-owned

radio station, based in Newlands, Harare; with transmission currently across all major town, and their surrounding

rural areas.

The Station’s technical operations are second-to-none in Zimbabwe – satellite technology is used to distribute our

signal to all of our transmitter sites across the country; and each transmitter has an average radius of 200km.

This network means ZiFM Stereo reaches 80% of Zimbabwe, which exceeds even the national broadcaster’s coverage.

Our digital equipment and studio facilities are state of the art – proved by the exceptionally clear quality of

ZiFM Stereo’s sound.

Harare 106.4 MHz; Bulawayo 106.7 MHz; Mutare 95.4 MHz; Masvingo 96.1 MHz; Gweru 104.3 MHz; Victoria Falls 106.5 MHz;

Nyanga 98.2 MHz; Mutorashanga 97.6 MHz; Kadoma 105.2 MHz; Tsholotsho 97.9 MHz; and (coming soon) Beitbridge 101.6 MHz.

ZiFM Stereo was also the first Zimbabwean media broadcaster to be granted an online streaming license, allowing it

to reach Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, as well as other global citizens across the world, via the internet.

ZiFM Stereo’s target audience is 18-35 year olds. We aim to be Zimbabwe’s most progressive radio station; and our

programming is structured to attract and appeal to ambitious Zimbabweans who are driven full of aspiration to


Similarly, we strive to be ‘The Station of Choice’ when it comes to the youthful-minded decision-makers in


ZiFM Stereo is primarily a music station – our content is split 70% music: 30% talk. The music played on the

Station is 75% local, 10% regional and 15% international.

Our Talk Time programming accounts for 12 hours a week (Monday to Thursday, 1800 – 2100 hours); and is widely

considered to be the highest standard of Current Affairs programming produced, broadcast and heard to date in


During the last election period, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

praised ZiFM Stereo for their fairness and balance when it came to covering the polls.

ZiFM Stereo’s News has also been deemed the most credible and unbiased by the Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe

and the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe.