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  • Behind the scenes with Bustop TV

    Behind the scenes with Bustop TV

    By Anesu Masamvu

    Online comedy outfit ‘Bustop TV‘, birthed Zimbabwe’s growing market for internet skits.

    The quality of the skits highlight the amount of thought and time put in before publishing out to thousands of fans all over the world.

    Bustop TV confidently boasts of a decent social media presence and following within the Zimbabwean Facebook community with a following of over 70 K followers and 13,524 on YouTube.

    ZiFM Stereo’s Anesu Masamvu caught up with Bustop TV Producer Luckie Aaroni and this is their story:

    For the following interview Anesu Masamvu will be AM and Luckie Aaroni will be LA

    AM: What is Bustop TV and when was it found?

    LA: Bustop TV is an online TV channel and production house which is known for producing comedy skits. Telling Zimbabwean story with humor.

    AM: What brought up the name Bustop TV, the idea or concept behind it all?

    LA: The name was suggested to us by number of art practitioners in Zimbabwe and our followers. When we decided to re-brand from PO BOX after some guys left, we decided to consult arts experts ana Rumbie Katedza, Nafuna Team,Magamba TV Team, fellow comedians and many others.

    AM: Who owns Bustop TV?

    LA: Ndepe munhu wese paBustop hahahaha.

    AM: We can talk of Magi or Gonyeti but behind the scenes there is someone, who are the script writers and other co-producers?

    LA: Dereck Nzwiyakwi who does our concept at Bustop TV creative writer and God-knows Homwe who does Marketing and is also the co-founder.

    AM: Your content is mainly the online platform, why did you chose this platform, & are you generating revenue?

    LA: We have control our content than engaging another broadcasters, of course we have plan to go into TV, and yes we are generating money from adverts and YouTube.

    AM: Your first productions, you worked with the likes of Kedha and Bhutisi, these are men and you ended up splitting, and of late you have been working with women, is this a sign that men are difficult to work with?

    LA: Women are loyal I think, kunetsana pabasa kuripo but with men they’re quick kuti ndozviita zvega and with women you talk and move on. With Magi and Gonyeti we have lot of misunderstanding but we keep pushing because ndezvebasa.

    AM: Luckie, what do you think of women empowerment?

    LA: I think we should empower women and trust them with important roles in society to lead.

    AM: Let’s talk of growing your brand, what do you have in mind in term so of expansion, tapping into the international markets?

    LA: We doing other productons like Bustop TV News which have subtitles on YouTube.

    AM: You have done some comedy shows, I’m talking of live stand up comedies, are Zimbabweans starting to accept this or they are interested more with social media content?

    LA: Just like music if someone plays Jah Prayzah or Winky D’s hit on sound cloud that doesn’t stop that person from attending a live show, actually that creates interest for that person to attending the show and sing along, the same with Comedy if we do well on social media it will attract more audience to our shows I think.

    AM: What do you think about the current film industry in Zimbabwe?

    LA: We have lot of potential, we need lot of support from Government departments and corporates.

    AM: I have been itching to ask you this, you have been producing a lot of controversial skits, and this is what I heard others say, let’s take for example the “Special Chair” one, from what I read in the comment section, some say you are taking it too far, some say manje manje we will start a hashtag #bringback our Bustop, what do you think of this?

    LA: We are showing them that there is freedom of speech and freedom after speech lol.

    AM: As a media person yourself, how important is freedom of speech and expression?

    LA: So far so good lol, we have been doing satire freely, we have done jokes on government etc but no one yet has approached us but people who follow us ndovanotityira havo kuti mucharohwa lol, we actually feel free to do satire on political figures, than doing jokes on people like pastor Evan because people quick to take offence if you do a joke on Pastor Evan, but we will still do them because we are comedians and that’s our role. We don’t do PR for anyone.

    AM: In closing what is your vision for Bustop TV?

    LA: To grow into a bigger production house and TV channel.

    AM: On a lighter note, what do you think of this goat frenzy?

    LA: we have bitcoins now we have goat-coins lol indigenisation

    AM: Thank you very much for taking some time to talk to me, I wish you the very best, and Zimbabwe film industry growth is in your hands, you are the generation.

    LA: Thank you Commrade! The struggle continues



    Which one is your favorite Bustop Tv Skit?