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  • Bev and Andy Muridzo at War

    Bev and Andy Muridzo at War

    Famous erotic dancer Beverly Sibanda and musician Andy Muridzo are at it again with another social media war.

    On Tuesday morning one of the local papers published an article stating Bev had been impregnated by Andy.

    Andy went on to post a video on Facebook denying the fact that he had impregnated the dancer. In the video Andy claims to have had relations with Bev but terminated the relationship after he  told his wife and apologized for stepping out of his marriage. Muridzo apologized to his fans and to the public for being caught up in the scandal.

    Bev responded with a short video clip which she also uploaded on Facebook, in the video Bev threatens Andy not to tell lies,

    “I will do to you what Olinda did to Stunner.”

    The cat is out of the bag and Andy’s dirty laundry is literally out in the public.

    Bev has released another video in which she is going deep on Andy Muridzo, claiming that they had not ended their relations and some pretty harsh and explicit words have been said.

    Get your popcorn out for ‘Love and Music ZW’ Season 2.

    This year has seen public figures resorting to the use of social media as a way to get back at each other and tarnishing each other’s images.

    Any Muridzo is one of Zimbabwe’s aspiring musicians with the hit single entitles ‘Dherira’.

    Below are the videos:

    Andy responds to allegations of impregnating Bev.

    Bev threatens Andy Muridzo.

    Bev dissing Andy Muridzo.