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  • Karizma Interview on The Fixx #ICYMI

    Karizma Interview on The Fixx #ICYMI

    #TheFixx Catch up on the Karizma interview as he dropped 2 new singles and spoke about his favorite album which he thinks should have been awarded + the other Karizma Which one is your favorite Karizma song? Ours is #ShishaPipe  

  • Secrets In Relationships #TheCouch

    Secrets In Relationships #TheCouch

    The couch is a place in the lounge strictly for the ladies to sit and have a real conversation about love and relationships. So Profound hosts  #TheCouch where he sits down with guests and they discuss love and relationships. On the last episode he discusses secrets in relationships, what are some of the secrets in

  • Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    By @PatieMusa Xhale Block Crazy News Story via: Ever take a look at your Facebook friend list and wonder ‘how many of these people are actually my friends?” Well, artist Tanja Hollander did, and after thinking about if for a while, she decided to find out the answer to that question by visiting all of her