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  • Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    By @PatieMusa Xhale Block Crazy News Story via: Ever take a look at your Facebook friend list and wonder ‘how many of these people are actually my friends?” Well, artist Tanja Hollander did, and after thinking about if for a while, she decided to find out the answer to that question by visiting all of her

  • ClubZi hosts Ginimbi

    ClubZi hosts Ginimbi

    By @tapfuma_mugari Prominent business man, hustler and entrepreneur Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was on ZiFM Stereo’s Saturday night radio #ClubZi hosted by HD and Dj Smith. ‘Let them talk rubbish I’m used to it, no one is perfect and I don’t owe anyone any explanation whatsoever. I spend my money how I want to, even if I

  • Eve Kawadza – Woman Crush Wednesday

    Eve Kawadza – Woman Crush Wednesday

    This week on #WCW we feature Eve Kawadza a Zimbabwean musician and live performer. Eve recently made it onto the main stream but is known for her HIFA performances in which she managed to show her command of the audience an authentic display of emotions. If you love alternative music and Eve Kawadza is the