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  • Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    Do you know all your Facebook friends?

    By @PatieMusa

    Xhale Block Crazy News Story


    Ever take a look at your Facebook friend list and wonder ‘how many of these people are actually my friends?” Well, artist Tanja Hollander did, and after thinking about if for a while, she decided to find out the answer to that question by visiting all of her 626 Facebook friends.

    She documented the experience in an epic 5-year-long project called “Are You Really My Friend?” It all started on New Year’s Eve 2010, when, after conversing with some of her online friends, Maine-based artist Tanja Hollander stared wondering what her relationship with all the people in her Facebook list was.

    She asked herself if friendships formed online were as real as offline ones and if many of her “friends” were actually just acquaintances. “Am I really friends with all these people?” Tanja told herself, and she immediately knew she had to find out.

    Do you know all your Facebook friends personally? Before Facebook, everyone knew and understood what a friendship entailed.

    Then Facebook came along and changed everything, a well-known term for its own marketing efforts.

    Suddenly co-workers — whom we were friendly with, but just not friends — became our Facebook friends. Even our boss wanted in on the action. And of course, our children. How could we not “friend” them too?

    Surprisingly, however, on Facebook many people also “friend” people they don’t even know, and this is where the whole social networking thing kind of falls apart.

    What has been your experience on social media? Have you met people who have changed your life for better or for worse?  

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