GTEL is set to launch its next big phone, the X6 Plus, today with focus on the battery size and lifespan as well as on the camera. The phone brings a plus to mobile photography as it incorporates four cameras.

As the international smartphone camera race marches onwards, and exactly a year after successfully launching the X5 that was sold out within weeks nationwide, Gtel says it plans to remain way ahead of competition.

Gtel head of marketing Mr Don Yambira, says consumers had a major role in determining the advanced features that the mobile giant interwove in the X5 successor whose release is on schedule.

“The valued feedback from our diverse client base aided in the design and structure of the X6 Plus, making it a user friendly phone of the highest quality. We concluded that we can no longer ignore the need of a large battery in this age of power-hungry apps.

gtel x6
“The X6 Plus comes with what you can call a reliable and powerful battery. Besides being clearer, slimmer and powerful, the X6 has a 4010 mAh battery with advanced power-saving technology powerful enough to guarantee you two days of continuous usage without recharge.

“This gives you more than enough power to browse the internet, chat on social networks and enjoy all your media files all day, every day. The X6 Plus was created with the avid traveller in mind who doesn’t have consistent electrical source,” said Mr Yambira.

Arguably engineered to perfection, the Gtel X6 Plus has two front facing cameras custom made to ensure crisp photography. The 20 megapixel front camera is tailored to capture as much detail as possible when it comes to selfies to produce the best natural looking selfies anytime, anywhere.

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