At the heightof the hype around the upcoming Ammartia Ignite, Ammara Brown is winning. The South African based entertainer earned herself an award over the weekend. She was named 'Best Female Southern Africa'. The African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) were held over tghe weekend in Dallas, Texas.

She shared her gratitude in an Instagram post whilst showing off her latest photos.



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*swipe left for the best news #Ammartia & thank YOU???????????? ___ ????#Ammartia Means Business???? ___ My decision to take this huge leap of faith, and face a whole new bag of fears in an entirely new environment . . . was by no means an easy one to make. ???? On the one hand I draw so much inspiration from being in Zimbabwe, it’s familiar and comfortable. But on the other hand, part of why I work so hard on my own career, is to be able to create opportunities for more young Zimbabwean women to be able to do the same. ???? So I’m here and I’m learning. For myself, and for the future back home. It’s been the most exciting experience of my career, especially as a businesswoman. Living, learning and working in an industry environment with more structure only makes me want to build our own up even more. ???? But the time will come, and I know there are so many others already doing their part, just like I know I’m doing mine. ???? It’s just beautiful to get a glimpse of the kind of creative force we can become. It’s been exciting, building a new team around my brand and setting the goals we believe will lead us to the next level. ???? I think that’s why it’s more important than ever to me, that I share this journey with you. As much as possible. So we can all see and experience what’s possible, and never forget that we built it here together. With so much #AmmartianLuv and even more #AMMBITION. ???? It’s been another long and busy day for me, more meetings, more growth and more fire to #FeedTheFlame. Now I can’t wait for you to get your first glimpse at the #SVOTO behind-the-scenes footage tommorow. ???? The Official #Ammartia Mailing list - - don’t forget to join the #Ammartian family to be among the first to watch tomorrow’s #Svoto BTS video ???? ???? ???? #AMMBITION #AmmartiaIGNITE #SVOTO #AmmartianLuv #AmmartianQueen #BarefootGoddess #Svoto #AFRIMMA2018 #BestSouthernAfricanFemale #OwnYourThrone #AfroPop #FamilyFirst #AfricanMusician #MelaninRising #Zimbabwe #Africa ???? ???? ???? Photo credit: @kudzaiking Hair: @kinkycurlynaturals Stylist: @kgosilesego

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Ammara is preparing  for the release of the 'Svoto' music video which is scheduled to drop soon.