by Tatenda Ziyambi

It never rains, it pours. That’s a lesson that Dynamos is learning the hard way after they once again find themselves on the wrong end of a court order.

It’s not an altogether unfamiliar situation as it involves former Dynamos striker Christian Joel Epoupa who, according to reports from The Herald, won a months long dispute with his former employers, with FIFA giving the Glamour Boys just 30 days to pay Epoupa’s outstanding wages.

Epoupa is reportedly owed US$16 755 (emphasis on the fact that it’s US dollars) which has to be paid or else FIFA impose further sanctions on the embattled club. This was something that then chairman Kenny Mubaiwa argued was not feasible due to the acute shortage of foreign currency in the country.

This could be could possibly mean that Dynamos will be docked points if they to pay Epoupa his outstanding fees. Depending on how many points they are docked, Dynamos could even find themselves relegated from the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League.

(DeMbare finished the season on 42 points, 6 points above Nichrut who were the relegated side with the most points. Should FIFA deduct even those 6 points it may even be enough to relegate them, since Dynamos (-9) has a worse off goal difference than Nichrut (-7).

Given the current economic climate, one would be hard pressed to completely blame Dynamos for all that has happened. Many corporates have also suffered in the current economic environment, which hasn’t done any favours for any kind of business.

Despite all of this, Dynamos can only really blame themselves for the financial situation they find themselves in. They were the ones who signed Epoupa. They were the ones who promised him all that money. Ultimately they were the ones who failed to clarify what form of payment they were supposed to make to Epoupa and now they find themselves in this situation.

What’s even more worrying for Dynamos is the precedent this case will set, given how a number of the teams players have also taken issue with the club over non-payment of match fees.

Dynamos is the Zimbabwe’s biggest and most supported club which makes it’s current struggles all the more baffling. Yes, they are facing competition from the likes of Ngezi and FC Platinum have come into the league backed by the coffers of their rich owners, but that still doesn’t truly explain their struggles on the pitch.

Epoupa aside, this was close to being the same side that finished second in the league in 2017, which makes it all the more obvious that mismanagement played a big part in how the players performed.

Some might argue that the fact that Dynamos has continually lost players was a big part of the drop in quality, but even still, Dynamos culture has always been about identifying young talented players early on to combat the exodus of senior player who move abroad.

So the only question left to answer is where will Dynamos from here? That’s pretty much anyone’s guess at the moment, but one things for certain, a change is needed fast before the club hits a new level of rock bottom.