by Tatenda Ziyambi


ZiFM Sport presenter Barry Manandi pulled out the ZIFA Elections on Wednesday, citing a number of untenable irregularities.

Manandi was in the running for a seat on the ZIFA Executive Committee, but a lack of transparency and unprofessionalism prompted him to pull out the race.

In his statement, Manandi highlighted that he only found out that he was a confirmed candidate for the election on social media, just days before the actual elections were scheduled to take place.

You can read his full statement below:

This letter serves to thank you for informing me, through social media, of my confirmed candidature in the forthcoming Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) Elections, for a seat on the ZIFA Executive Committee (Board).

I would like to formally advise the Electoral Committee of my withdrawal as a candidate in these elections on the following grounds:

1. Notification of authorised candidature

a. There was no notification from you that my candidature had been successfully verified as required by Article 11.2 of the ZIFA Electoral Code

b. Instead I found out about my candidature through social media

c. To this day, I have received no formal communication about anything related to the election that is scheduled to take place on December 1, 2018.


2. Distribution of Final List of Candidates

a. According to Article 13 of the ZIFA Electoral Code the “final list of candidates shall be sent to all members of the ZIFA Congress and, where necessary, to the relevant government bodies no less than 15 days before the elective ZIFA Congress…”

b. At this stage we are three days from the elective Congress and a final list of candidates was only seen, on social media, yesterday on the 27th of November, 2018, four days before the election.


3. Register of Delegates

a. We have to this day, not received a register of the delegates to Congress, which would greatly assist in our campaign, which hitherto, has been based on the assistance of other delegates, without any form of confirmation of the confirmed delegates in good standing.


In spite of our best intentions, the aforementioned, albeit not exhaustive, in terms of the ills of this election, leave us in substantial discomfort and doubt of the veracity of this process and the chances of the rest of the election being one that can stand up to any conventional norms and standards of credibility.

With all this, and more, as well documented in media reports around this election, we opt out.

Thank you for your attention in this regard.

Barrymore Manandi

Candidate – ZIFA Executive Committee Election 2018


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