The Zimbabwe Republic Police say they have established a link between the decapitated body they discovered in Southerton, Harare and the man who was found with a human head in his vehicle in Belvedere yesterday.

Mona-Lisa Dube 

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said they have established that head found in the Fun Cargo vehicle was dismembered from the body discovered in Workington.

In an interview with Assistant Commissioner Nyathi says the have also discovered that the vehicle used was a stolen vehicle and was allegedly assisted by seven accomplices who are on the run.

“The suspect whom the Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested in possession of a human head is now linked with the murder of this person who was found in Workington with a disfigured body”, said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi

“So far we are  investigating with the view of arresting his seven collegues and the deceased has since been identified by his next of kin. We can conclusively confirm that this is a murder case,” he said

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi says they are yet to establish the motive of the murder