Africans have been taking pride in seeing their own stars in ‘Black Panther’ but did we miss Trevor Noah?

The highest grossing Marvel Movie had a cast filled with African actors including John Kani, Danai Gurira, and Lupita Nyong’o. It has come to our attention that the Daily Show host was also part of the cast. It seems that Ryan Coogler included the South African comedian to voice the AI in a Wakandan airship piloted by Martin Freeman’s Agent. Noah is even mentioned in the credits, which many of us couldn’t wait to end so that we could see the next Marvel preview.

Trevor Noah was full of praise for the movie during it’s release. He took pride in the movie using his native language, Xhosa as the Wakandan language. He said, ““It’s a fun movie, people can go, have a good time, it’s dope. It was extra-special for me because people speak Xhosa in the movie. There were subtitles, but I didn’t need them. Get rid of them!”

He also said the female characters reminded him of his mother. “Every single woman in that movie is like a bad ass African woman kicking ass, taking names… I was a little bit traumatized because I remember my mum beating my ass.”

Watch the scene where Trevor’s  voice is used in Black Panther below.