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  • How To Improve Tourism In Zimbabwe – Twitter Reactions

    How To Improve Tourism In Zimbabwe – Twitter Reactions

    by Tatenda Ziyambi

    Today on “The Ignition” Tee Kay, Misred and Marc Pozzo discussed news of Government committing to reducing the number of roadblocks nationwide (read the article from here.) Everyone unanimously agreed that reduced roadblocks would be beneficial for both locals and tourists visiting the country. This lead to one question: What can we as Zimbabweans do to improve tourism in the country? We posed that same question on twitter to hear from our listeners.

    Here are some of the best (and funny!) responses from Twitter:

    Dean du Plessis didn’t hold anything back, insisting that police and airport officials need to do a better job to improve tourism.

    Kelvin Motsi took a positivist approach, arguing the answer lies in Zimbabweans mentality.

    Donald Mdokwani went a different route, focusing on the need for Zimbabweans to embrace our cuisine in order to impress tourists:

    G. Abrams Momberume took more global approach, noting that Zimbabwe as a nation needs to improve on its public relations before tourism can improve.

    Meanwhile @Headzhigh felt the answer to Zimbabwe’s tourism conundrum lies in the cost of services and goods, which he felt were too high:

    Finally, here is a gem from Simba Rake Ishe, who pointed out something that should be the first step towards improving tourism in Zimbabwe!

    What do you think we can do as Zimbabweans to improve tourism in Zimbabwe? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below, or visit our Twitter and Facebook pages to have your say there.