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  • Killer T at BBC 1Xtra with Dj Edu

    Killer T at BBC 1Xtra with Dj Edu

    By @tapfuma_mugari

    Killer T is arguably one the finest chanters in Zim Dancehall today.

    My personal top 5 is made up of Winky D, Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Freeman and Nutty O.

    The list may vary but the main three that have dominated the industry are Winky D, Soul Jah Love and Killer T.

    Zim Dancehall has paved the way for many young artists in Zimbabwe to provide for their families.

    One of these artists is Killer T who has become a well known figure in the streets of  Zim Dancehall with hit records such as ‘Takangodaro, ‘Bunza Tinzwe’ and ‘Nhai iwe Rufu’.

    Which one is your favorite Zim Dancehall artist?

    Watch Killer T live at BBC 1Xtra with DJ Edu :

    You can have a look at the full interview on the link below: