Harare city council says it is owed close to a billion dollars by government, residents and business and the bad debtors were hindering its capacity to provide service delivery.


Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said despite council introducing a 50% discount recently to attract consumers to pay their dues, the debts continue to balloon.

The debt by government, residents and business is not standing at $800 000 dollars.

“Those measures helped a lot because we managed to collect money which we channelled towards service delivery and if you checked around that time, there was a lot of movement towards service delivery,” he said.

“Our debtor continue to balloon because we bill every moth and other ignored our calls only to want to come now and we are saying we have closed that,” he said.

Council has been accused of failing to provide basic services that include potable water, refuse collection and road maintenance with the local authority now shifting blame to debtors failing to own up.

Recently, Zanu PF youth league secretary for administration, Tendai Chirau, confronted Mayor Herbet Gomba over poor service delivery.

 However Gomba accused government of failing to settle its debt and crippling the city’s capacity to deliver.