The government said there was enough fuel for the whole country despite long queues being seen across the country as motorists queue at service stations.

Chengetai Murimwa

Minister of Energy and Power Development Dr Jorum Gumbo said : “We are correct and we are right and we maintain we are right to say there is fuel in the country and lots of it”.

“But I think that everybody is aware that there are international companies that bring in fuel into the country, it is there in bond, not bond notes, it’s in storage at Msasa and Mabvuku and for companies to access that fuel they need to get foreign currency from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

Dr Gumbo said the central bank used to allocate US$10 million per week for the provision of fuel but it has gone up to $20 million per week because of increased demand.

He said  there was need for production and exports for the country to earn foreign currency.

“We have some challenges as a country its known, we need a lot of production, we need to support the mining and agriculture sector so that the country can start exporting. Through exports we will be able to earn foreign currency and then we will not have problems and its not going to be easy," he said.

He was speaking during an inter-ministerial round table discussion at the Mine Entra Expo being held in Bulawayo.

The country has been experiencing fuel shortages and bread has also vanished from the shops as bakeries have run out of wheat.