…18 cases reported, 2 murders confirmed since January

Fear has gripped Zimbabwe and Malawi amid reports of ritual murders targeted against persons with albinism in the neighbouring country.

Brian Sithole

In an exclusive interview from Lilongwe, Association of Persons With Albinism in Malawi (APAM) president, Overstone Kondowe, said the country has registered a high volume of reported cases of violence against persons with Albinism, a situation that continues to haunt his constituency.  

“We have, so far registered 18 cases since January where 2 are murders, 2 are missing persons. We have other cases ranging from graveyard robberies as well as possession and selling of body parts” Kondowe said.

He said though the Government of Malawi has come up with a National Plan for Persons With Albinism, a lot needed to be done towards its implementation,

Kondowe said persons with Albinism were failing to participate in developmental issues due to fear.

Zimbabwe based, Alive Albinism Initiative’s Executive Director, Tapiwa Mushonga, said the issue was of grave concern to Persons With Albinism in Zimbabwe.

She said the porous nature of the borders pose a threat to Persons With Albinism who may end up being abducted and trafficked to countries like Malawi.