A Harare Magistrate, Hosea Mujaya, has ordered a stay of presecution in the case of former ZINARA boss, Albert Mugabe after the key state witness resigned from the parastatal and could not testify. 

Munashe Mukahlera

Wilfred Ramwi, who was the acting board chairperson, was the state witness but was fired from the board, rendering him unfit to testify.

The Magistrate ordered that until the new board chairperson is appointed, the case has been stood down.

Mugabe’s lawyer, Admire Rubaya argued that while the state builds up its case again, the accused should be removed from remand and , the appointed chairperson should give a new statement.

The prosecutor, however, argued that there was no need for a fresh statement because they have other witnesses who are on the board.

The accused is facing charges of criminal abuse of office allegations after he allegedly misrepresented to a local bank that the ZINARA board had agreed to offset a $300 000 mortgage to its former chief executive Nancy Chamisa-Masiyiwa.