When it comes to telling like it is, there’s no one quite like Piers Morgan.

When it comes to pop culture, the opinionated British journalist always has an opinion. Recently he was deeply offended by the Met Gala theme. Morgan posted a column on the MailOnline where he claims that, as a Catholic, he was offended by the cultural appropriation done by celebrities at the Met Gala.

Like Morgan, many were shook by this year’s theme ‘Heavenly Bodies’ – inspired by the Roman Catholic Church. The Gala was held to launch an exhibition which showcased items of religious clothing from the Vatican Archives for public display. Many celebrities came out dressed in religious or Catholic outfits. Some of the most striking outfits included Rihanna, who came dressed as a pope in an all white bejewelled outfit.

The entire event had been approved by the Catholic Church, with the Cardinal Archbishop of New York and other priests in attendance. However Piers wasn’t having it. He tweeted the Pope about the Met Gala’s theme of Catholicism in fashion.

Below are some of the outfits worn at the 2018 Met gala