HARARE - A storm has erupted at a top private boys’ school in Harare after the deputy headmaster announced that he’s gay.

Some parents at Saint John's College are now calling for his resignation. They also want the headmaster and the chairman of the school board to step down.

Saint John's College deputy headmaster Neal Hovelmeier made a public statement to the school about his sexuality on Friday.

He's been applauded by some prominent Zimbabweans and diplomats for coming out in public on the issue.

But some parents at the school are angry. It’s understood an emergency meeting was held on Monday where they called for Hovelmeier’s resignation.

They also want the headmaster and chairman of the school's board of governors to quit for giving their support to Hovelmeier.

The issue has once more shown how divisive the issue of homosexuality remains in this socially conservative nation.


Headmaster's Statement