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Zifm Stereo #ZiVolution

Smith Sessions

Late nights on weekends are for one thing, and one thing only, partying! DJ Smith, a ZiFM favourite mixes together a multi-genre offering to wear out your dancing shoes late into the night.

12:00 am

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ZiFM AfterParty

After Party

After the party it's the after party, and until you hit the hotel lobby, veteran DJ Robbie Tee expertly ends your night with just the right music offering, all the way into the morning.

3:00 am

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Get Lifted

As it's name suggests, Get Lifted is the inspirational show that lifts your spirits every Sunday morning, banishing the dark thoughts and flooding every corner of your soul with brilliant light.

6:00 am

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Soul Avenue

“Easy like Sunday morning” is a phrase that encapsulates this show perfectly. Putting your soul at ease, SoProfound makes it feel like you’re taking a leisurely stroll down a leafy avenue, using soothing music and deliberately introspective thoughts to rejuvenate your spirit.

10:00 am

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The Zi Experience

They call him The Black Bond, Themba Mkanda brings a one-of-a-kind radio experience to life every Sunday afternoon on the ZiExperience.

2:00 pm

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Sunday Old School

Few people understand the story over music over the decades as well as Kimble Rogers. ZiFM Stereo gives you a weekly treat, this celebration of yesteryear, playing you the biggest hits of the old school all the while awakening that joyful and aching nostalgia.

6:00 pm

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OK Ladies now let's get in formation. TinTin is back and brings the thoughts and concerns of the astute modern woman to life.

9:00 pm

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