Trevor Noah knows how to bring the funny out of everything even the royal wedding!

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah chose to view the royal wedding from his own venue. The South African comedian is currently trending on YouTube for his commentary about nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While many made their way to the United Kingdom and millions watched, he was performing. Noah had a show scheduled at London’s O2 Arena. Coincidentally, his show was on the exact same day as #TheRoyalWedding.

Trevor took to Instagram to reflect on how far he has come and to thank everyone who came out to his show.

“When I performed my first solo show in London I had 150 amazing people in the audience. Last night, 6 years later, 16000 people joined me at the O2 arena in London for one of the greatest shows of my life,” he stated in his caption.

During his set, Trevor commented that this was the “blackest royal wedding in history”. He commented on the British media’s obsession with the fact that Meghan Markle is bi-racial and what the nuptials mean to the monarchy. He added that there were a large number of black people participating in all aspects of the wedding. He also shared about stereotypes attached to black or minority groups.

He said, “I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad that it was Meghan’s white side of the family that was uh… I’m not gonna lie! We could not handle that as black people!” began the comedian before adding “can you imagine of that was the black side of the family? If Meghan’s dad was on TV and he was like ‘yoh, no, I’m not coming to the wedding, no.'”

Noah states that he was also contacted by CNN to comment on all the black performers at the wedding and the black pastor. Watch the skit below: