Beenie Man’s ‘Happy Life’ And Nine New Songs

There’s always time for good music, and in this iteration of our music roundup, we deliver all the good stuff in music you may have missed, from Skeng’s long-awaited return, Beenie Man’s latest summer adventures and offerings, and Alkaline’s inimitable self-confidence.

Check out the tracks below.

Beenie Man x Twinkle Brain – Happy Life

Beenie Man and Twinkle Brain deliver all the feel-good vibes for summer in their happy-go-lucky single, Happy Life. Produced by TP Records, the song, which is accompanied by a just-as-vibrant music video, captures the two artists in a fun-filled and light-hearted celebration of summer, at the center of which are the typical references to women, partying and having a good time.

Alkaline – Cya Tame

Alkaline revels in his against-the-grain persona in Cya Tame ­– a song produced by Autobamb Records and StartOut RecordsEarly on in the up-tempo track, The Man Himself reflects on his status as someone who thrives regardless of the challenges, while the rest of the project fleshes out to be a grounding piece intended to remind the Vendetta Boss that he is on “another level”.

Popcaan x Chronic Law – St. Thomas Native

The parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica was the thread that connected Popcaan and Chronic Law in this reflective track about their respective journeys and how far they’ve come, and how far they’ve yet to go. The two top-billing deejays take turns reflecting on how much their upbringing in the humble parish molded them, and how they’ve overcome daunting odds to get to their current levels of success.

Valiant x XJ Chrome – Hot

Valiant delivers a party-rocker in the collaboration featuring ZJ Chrome, and keeps things Hot on a groovy backing track. The track covers the usual bases of women and having a good time, but Valiant’s characteristic melody tips over the edge what would have otherwise been another in a long line of songs geared at spicing up the summer. Instead, the track almost compels party-lovers to dance, and makes for a solid collaboration between the two musicians.

Spice – Wake

Spice takes a relatively unconventional path, to good effect, in her newest song Waka. The Dancehall Queen shows her versatility on the even-paced track by ditching her usual flow for one that’s less spirited, but just as passionate. Throughout, Spice melodiously explores familiar topics of jealousy and ‘badmind’, and takes an almost toned-down approach in discussing them.

Konshens – Dip Suh

Dancehall star Konshens takes the Big Bunx Riddim for a spin in an explicitly delivered dance tune specifically aimed at the ladies. Dip Suh, produced by Zimi Records and Now or Never, comes packed with enough energy to fuel any spontaneous dance session, and even more should the action move to the bedroom. The track’s music video, directed by aka.Ruppi, is a dazzling montage of booty-popping, legs-splitting action.

Hector Roots Lewis – Nuh Betta Than Yard

Hector Roots Lewis’ latest track, Nuh Betta Than Yard, is a thoughtful throwback – in sound and sentiments – to the popular Jamaican saying rooted in patriotism and nostalgia, ‘No weh nuh betta than yard’. Lewis makes it clear that his tune is in reference to that statement by using it as part of the song’s hook, but takes the song’s message even further with a few nods to his Rastafarian faith.

Skeng x Yeng – Stick Talk

A relative lull in new music from Skeng ended with the recently released Stick Talk featuring Yeng/Intence. The two young artists delivered swimmingly in the expectedly gritty track, which contained a near endless supply of gun references and colourful portrayals of violence. The single is produced by John Coop Records, Ditruth Records and 3KMG, and features an equally eye-popping music videos overflowing with menacing, gun-toting entourages.

Valiant – Caan Choose

Valiant is plagued by indecision in Caan Choose, and masks his trivial concerns with a delivery that feels deeply sincere, but is ultimately betrayed by lyrics that paint the song as a celebration of his enviable access to multiple women. The track is produced by Templeboss Records, and its Khing Cam-directed music video captures the star’s ‘frustration’ of dealing with multiple women who want from him what he is unable to give – monogamous, consistent commitment. 

Teebone – Baccart

Teebone sings about his lavish lifestyle in Baccarat, and does so through multiple flows in the Countree Hype Entertainment-produced track. He glides over a piano-infused backing track that complements his relatively smooth delivery, and flexes his wealth and lifestyle in the music video, directed by KD Visuals.

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