Emtee Speaks On The Reason Why People Think Of Him As A Drug Addict

Emtee Speaks On The Reason Why People Think Of Him As A Drug Addict. Emtee is a rapper that has made headlines for a multitude of things besides his music. The award winning rapper has had somewhat of a difficult time navigating his position in the SA Hip-Hop community but always stands firm in himself.

Emtee Announces Preorder Date For His New Album 'Logan'

The Wave rapper recently spoke to Zulu newspaper ‘Isolezwe’ about why people think of him as a drug addict. He explained to the paper that he is not ashamed of anything. He continued to say that he is a weed smoker and doesn’t consume any other form of drugs.

I know the public has not accepted weed as drugs which is legal. That is the reason many associate me with drugs and being a drug addict.”

In 2019 he opened up about the topic on his twitter page. He tweeted that he sold drugs to get by but never used any of the drugs.

He also spoke to the magazine about his music not being on radio. He revealed that there are people who pay radio stations to not play his music which is why some of his fans think he has gone silent and is not working on new music in the studio.

Since the beginning of 2021, Emtee has been hard at work building and developing his individual brand and his record label Emtee Records of which he has signed two other artists besides himself. The record label boss has already dropped two singles, one of which featured Emtee Records signees Flash iKumkani and Lolli Native.

Emtee also dropped the preorder link for his upcoming album Logan. The album is set to drop on the 10th of April 2021 and is one of Emtee’s most anticipated albums yet. He told fans that they can expect some R&B jams on the album.


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