From Plastic Ball To Real Football

Growing up in the edges of the city a young boy never gave up on his gift. Brian Chidzvondo regardless of never having greater opportunities and resources he has always been fighting for his dream. Now a 21-year-old professional footballer now based in South Africa he has never given, up he is a man of great determination and courage.

Profile by Grace Chihota

“I was born on the 14th of April 1999 grabbing this gift in my hand and l will never let it go”, he said.

He grew up playing soccer popularly known as “hweshe”  with his friends in the village, always enjoyed these moments for he was labeled the young Christiano by his friends

 “The greatest moment in my life when l clearly realised l had to push hard was when l saved all penalties at Chikomba NASH soccer competitions,” he said.

Chidzvondo has been through all the hard times where some members of his family could not accept him for not taking further his academics but choosing football.

” I remember facing a challenge when l told my parents l had chosen football than books there was little support , said Chidzvondo.

You know how African parents view education more than any other gift as they go by the saying “Dzidzo inhaka yeupenyu”parents will mostly disapprove when we decide to leave education.

Chidzvondo never got that support much as he started because he had gone beyond his parent’s expectations of furthering his studies.

Later as they realized that football was where his heart lied they started to support him both emotionally and financially.

His father has been the greatest pillar in his football career sponsoring all his camps and tours all seasons.

Chidzvondo has passed through the Eagles Academy based in Harare a club that has groomed him to be a professional gifted superstar he is today.

He has also passed through the Bulawayo Chief football club before he moved to South Africa.

It is not always a smooth road but though persistence and support you will reach that dream.

Quit quitting



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