Lasizwe hits back at men who are confused about him tucking his manhood

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published 7m ago

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Local YouTuber Lasizwe’s recent post has left some men confused about his manhood.

Taking to his social media pages on Monday, Lasizwe shared pictures of him in a green and black skin-tight leotard with matching ruched biker shorts and sporting a long bone straight black wig that reached his thigh.

Following this, the “Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It“ received a lot of comments, specifically from cisgender heterosexual men, asking where his manhood went.

And while for most people in the know it’s clear that Lasizwe is tucked it seems others where very invested in knowing where his manhood went.

After getting several comments, Lasizwe posted a response and said: “I find it very strange when homophobic men ask where’s my d*** in that post, do guys want it?

Open your mouth.“

He followed this up and said: “I low key think all the men that are commenting about the whereabouts of my d*** on my post are low key gay!

“How do you zoom in and ask about another man’s d*** as a “straight” man?

“I find it very suspicious.”

On Sunday, Lil Nas X also caused quite the ruckus on Twitter after he posted a picture with this “new breasts“.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, the “Holiday” rapper shared pictures showing off his ”new breasts“, with the caption: ”Got bored so i bought titties. what u guys think?”

And while they might seem realistic to the untrained eye, if you’re a fan of drag performers, specifically drag queens, then it’s pretty obvious Lil Nas is wearing a silicone breast plate and edited out the lines of demarcation.


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