Leverage Reboot Title and New Details Revealed by Aldis Hodge

It’s been nearly a decade since the TNT crime drama Leverage aired its series finale, but the 2012 finale, “The Long Good-bye Job,” isn’t the last fans will see of Leverage Consulting & Associates. In 2020, it was announced that a Leverage reboot was officially in the works, with original series executive producer and director Dean Devlin overseeing the new, 13-episode revival. The Leverage reboot is headed to IMDb TV, with original cast members Beth RiesgrafGina Bellman, Christian Kane, and Aldis Hodge set to reprise their roles and Noah Wyle joining as a new character. Filming on the Leverage reboot took place in the late summer and early fall of 2020, with the cast sharing reunion photos from the set on social media. But, since then, all has been quiet on the Leverage front — until now.

Recently, Collider’s own Christina Radish had the opportunity to speak with Hodge about the Leverage reboot during a larger conversation about the new season of City on a Hill, which stars Hodge and Kevin Bacon. We were most curious to know how many episodes of the reboot Hodge would appear in, and the actor shared that “I can’t speak to it directly, but I will be in several episodes. I was hoping to do more, but quarantine. But I’ll be in a few episodes, but I can’t speak to specifics. It will be a splashy surprise. I dip in and I dip out.”

Aldis Hodge in TNT's Leverage
Image via TNT

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With that bar of expectation set, we wanted to know if Hodge would ever be interested in appearing in future Leverage episodes, should the new season spark a renewal. Hodge not only gave a candid response and confirmed details about the reboot, but also revealed the official title of the Leverage reboot in his answer — something that hasn’t been previously announced.

Yeah, if [‘Leverage’] continues and [my] schedule allows and permits. The first series for ‘Leverage’, I hold it near and dear to my heart. It’s something that we all built, and living in the wake of its legacy, ‘Leverage,’ now entitled ‘Leverage: Redemption,’ is definitely something that I plan to continue with, just for the nostalgia of it. I know the fans love it and I have fun with it. We have a great new cast. We have a new cast member, her name is Aleyse Shannon and she’s really fantastic. We also have Noah Wyle, as one of our cast members. Aleyse comes on playing my adopted little sister. She’s a really bright light with great energy, and I’d love to see where she’s at. I really wanna see where their brother-sister relationship goes.

Leverage: Redemption, eh? Well, it sounds like we have our first tease about the plot of the Leverage reboot based on this official title.

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Hodge continued, sharing with us his initial reaction when he first heard about Devlin’s plans to bring Leverage back. He recalled, “I was shocked when Dean Devlin, our producer, called me and said, ‘I’m getting the gang back together.’ I was like, ‘Really?!'” and went on to explain, “I know he’d been trying to find the right home for it for a while, and it was just time and patience. Amazon became the right home.”

Aldis Hodge, Gina Bellman in TNT's Leverage
Image via TNT

The Leverage alum also explained to Collider that the real reason Leverage is coming back is because “the fan support has been so strong, which makes me really happy,” continuing,

It teaches me about fan loyalty. I can only be so grateful that we’re able to get the chance to come back. It’s never happened in my career. That kind of fan loyalty means so much. It means a great deal because it allows us, as artists, to understand the actual effect we have and the connection that we make with our audience. That fan loyalty is strong with Leverage… The fan support is everything. For me, it’s a great surprise, but one that’s quite awesome to experience.”

Leverage: Redemption is expected to premiere in 2021. You can rewatch Leverage the original series with Tubi or Pluto TV. Look for our full interview with Hodge soon.

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