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Samantha Rusare

Samantha Rusare is your ‘ordinary Zimbabwean woman’ representing the difficult but attainable balance between life in the fast line and slowing it down to reach that connection in our inner being. Samantha on GET LIFTED speaks to the soul, speaks to the mind and heals the spirit.

Samantha manages to bring in conversation and songs that are not only for the Christian heart; but for any heart needing a ‘pick me up’ – I mean, who doesn’t need a little soul food! No matter who you are, you will be left with that ‘feel good’ feeling we all crave. Samantha in a nutshell is sweet, gives off positive energy to the universe and rubs off on whoever is blessed enough to be tuned in.

Samantha Off Air: Events planning, activations, DJ for bridal showers and kitchen tea parties

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