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Minister July Moyo


CHIREDZI– The local authorities of Chiredzi
both the Town Council and the Rural District Council’s (RDC) 2021 budgets have
been approved by the Minister of Local Government, National Housing and Public
Works, July Moyo.

The town council had proposed a budget
of $456 million while the RDC had its budget pegged at $493 million.

Chiredzi RDC believes the close to half
a billion budget for 2021 will work towards rebuilding the economic anchors of
the district which are largely based on ranching, sugarcane farming and tourism.

These sectors have been crippled by the
Covid-19 pandemic coupled with an inflation eroded 2020 budget.

Chiredzi RDC Chief Executive Officer
(CEO), Ailes Baloyi said they were happy that their budget was approved early
which will enable them to plan ahead.

“Yes, our 2021 half a billion dollar
budget was approved. On devolution, we were allocated $234 059 013 and ZINARA allocation
standing at $88 998 964for 2021,” said Baloyi.

Half of Chiredzi RDC budget will be
drawn from revenue collection to the tune of $246 888 060 while the other half
will be government grants amounting $245 940 462.

Both Chiredzi RDC and Chiredzi Town Councils
have dualised their tariffs in local currency and the United States Dollar as
per the promulgation of Statutory Instrument 185 of 2020.

Chiredzi RDC revenue collection will
come from property taxes contributing $184 268 460, Developed stands (Estate
Sales) contributing $241 314 028, Fees contributing $46 184 040, Licenses and
Permits contributing $52 265 652 and property rentals contributing $47 035 200.

Chiredzi Town Council secretary Charles
Muchatukwa said the local authority’s $455 699 534 budget got the minister’s
nod paving way for implementation.

“Our $455 699 534 budget was among the
early budgets which were approved by the minister of Local Government which we
have currently put into effect,” said Muchatukwa.

Chiredzi Town Council proposed revenue
was standing at $449 085 585.41 while expenditure is expected to be standing at
$444 238 946 with a surplus/deficit of $4 846 638.61.

On Capital projects, the local
authority is expecting to use its ZINARA allocation fund of $22 000 000.00
towards construction of Magwaza road while devolution fund of $97 839 300.00
will go towards the purchase of a fire tender, tractor and dumper(x2),
construction of public toilets(x2), purchase of a new refuse compactor, skip
bins, land fill, computer server and the upgrade of the water works.

The local authority’s own capital will
go towards sewer reticulation upgrades, rehabilitation of water tanks, purchase
of service vehicles, computerisation of the Housing Department, recreational
facilities for children and upgrading Tshovani Stadium among other developments.


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