Mother Box Footage Reveals Superhero Team

Snyder premiered the new clip during a Snyder Cut panel at the IGN Fan Fest.


Yet another exciting teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League has been released just two weeks ahead of the four-hour, R-rated movie’s HBO Max premiere. The new teaser clip was shared by director Zack Snyder during a panel discussion for his new Justice League cut at the 2021 IGN Fan Fest. There was plenty of insights into Zack Snyder’s Justice League that were shared by Snyder during the hour-long chat with IGN. In addition to the teaser clip,  Snyder also offered up new comments about the in-depth discussions with Warner Bros. to ensure a four-hour runtime, how Superman’s black suit came to be, and why he’s excited to share more footage of Ray Fisher‘s Cyborg — a character Snyder has deemed “the heart” of his Justice League cut — with fans.

The clip, titled “Mother Box Origins,” was released early on in the “Justice League: Inside the Snyder Cut with Zack Snyder” panel at this year’s IGN Fan Fest. Clocking in at around two minutes, the clip is a fully CG sequence that shows various Mother Boxes, with each Mother Box dedicated to a different member of the Justice League. As the camera pans over each of the Mother Boxes, Tom Waits‘ “Time” can be heard — a nod to all of the time that has passed and with it, all of the major events each character in the Justice League has endured to this point.

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Gadot, Momoa, Fisher in Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

The Mother Boxes also contain Easter eggs for each of those characters, including the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, Cyborg’s football helmet, Aquaman’s home of Atlantis, Wonder Woman’s World War I enemy Doctor Poison, and even a reference to the “Flashpoint” arc in The Flash. It seems like all of the character Easter eggs featured in this fun CG sequence refer only to events in the DCEU’s past, rather than what’s to come in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. That’s cool — we’ve already had a nice preview of what’s coming in mid-March.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres on HBO Max on March 18. Check out the exclusive new “Mother Box Origins” character clip below.

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