The curtain raiser to the OK Grand Challenge successfully launched on Wednesday morning, as OK prepares for the 30th edition of their long running promotion which promises to be the biggest one yet. As always, this year’s sponsors got to showcase their products at the briefing.


ZiSaturday Zone co-host Miss Becky along with Arthur Evans were the days MC’s and of course that meant that they would bring an energetic presence to an already exciting promotion!

Arthur C Evans welcomes those in attendance.




Miss Becky has a look at the exciting promotions that will be on offer during the OK Grand Challenge.


The prize everyone will be after!


In an eventful day, Ignition co-host Tee Kay decided to have a mini-makeover and actually try wearing make up!

OK Zimbabwe says they are expecting significant revenue growth that will enable them to beat inflation through the just launched OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion 2018 edition.

Speaking to ZiFM Stereo News’ Mona Lisa Dube, OK Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Alex Siyavora says they are happy the 30th edition of the Grand Challenge is coinciding with the new administration which is working to resuscitate the economy.

OK Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Alex Siyavora speaks to Mona Lisa Dube.


Siyavora says they have increased their prizes for this year and have partnered with over 60 suppliers. OK Zimbabwe is celebrating 75 years of existence since its inception in 1942.