Rapper Awa get’s us thinking, has Zimbabwe now embraced same sex relationships?

Zimbabwe is 40 years old and for the greater part of those four decades there are things that have been regarded as taboo in society.

One such factor is that of same sex relationships. However, over the past decade with the advent of globalization it appears people are now starting to have different views on the matter.

Various non-governmental organisations that have set up base in the country in recent years are funding discourse on the matter with majority of them painting a picture that says, “It’s ok to be gay”.

Recently, Twitter was buzzing over the issue when a ghost account posted a picture and text which alleged that rapper, Awa Khiwe is in a same sex relationship.

Interestingly, majority of the responses to the allegations seem to suggest that people are no longer fazed by someone’s sexuality as was the case a few years ago.

Sadly the tweet was deleted but a screenshot of the post that triggered the conversation read as follows:


What are your views on same sex relationships and has Zimbabwe now embraced them?


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