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The Ignition

Feel the stimulating aroma of coffee, the satisfying taste of dovi in your porridge and the empowering rev of the engine that The Ignition embodies, with its cutting-edge discussion, feel good music and engaging humour.

6:00 am

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The Xhale Block

Your mid-morning through lunchtime fix of good music, education and entertainment. Patience keeps you up-to-date with farming and environmental matters.

9:00 am

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ZiFM TheBigShow

The Big Show

Featuring big ideas, big interviews, and big surprises, The Big Show is there to inject excitement and open up your mind during a time of day that may otherwise be frustrating.

12:00 pm

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The Rush

Join the crazy Simba and the sophisticated MisRed on your ultimate drive time show, The Rush. Whether you're in the office, at home or in between, let us ease the stress out of your day.

3:00 pm

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ZiFM Sport

Live streams and all the latest sports updates.

6:00 pm

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News Round Up

A round up of the business, local, international and sporting news. Presented by Rudo Gunduza Read more about Rudo Gunduza

7:00 pm

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The Platform: Business Unusual

Andy Hodges, Barry Manandi bring prominent and successful business people to the show to give insights on how to start, manage and sustain businesses. An inspiration to the younger generation.

7:30 pm

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Election Watch

Everything you need to know about the Zimbabwean elections.

8:30 pm

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ZiJudgment Yard

Judgement Yard continues to blaze the path of the incredible dancehall movement in Zimbabwe, taking it to greater heights with each show, and not forgetting to thank Jah each step of the way.

9:00 pm

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