Meet Josh the soon to be big thing in Zim gospel music

It was towards the end of last year when a message from Janet Manyowa’s husband and manager, Munyaradzi popped up on the phone.

Since we were in the festive season we thought well it’s just one of those early Merry Christmas messages but it wasn’t.

Janet was dropping an EP at the HICC.

We were excited because we were going to our first gig in a long time.

Fast forward to December 13, the night of the event, we rocked up at the joint in casual gear, only to find the auditorium packed with folks looking all dapper.

It was evident that they had missed going out too and were definitely making up for lost time by rocking their Sunday best on the night.

We won’t go into detail of the warm reception; you can read all about it here.

Besides the new body of work being launched on the night, something else caught our attention.

When we arrived there was a young lad on the stage, with a full band and backing vocalists.

We had never seen this youngster in action before.

What made us more curios was the fact that he had such good vocals and we know all the good singers.So who was he?


In the midst of trying to figure out who he was, we bumped into Munyaradzi in his cool tuxedo and he greeted and added, “…I like this young man…”

Just a few moments later the lanky Jose Sax also rocks up to us and says, “…mupfanhaakaipauyu (this youngster is good.”

He was indeed very good on the night and we thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Afterwards we began hunting for his contacts and we established that his name was Joshua Gareth Mtima aka Josh.

A few days ago we managed to speak with him and this is what he shared with us about his career and personal life.

Who is Josh?

Joshua Mtimais a 27 year old full-time musician, professional music teacher, song writer, producer, worship leader, son, brother and friend. I wear many hats. I was born in Bulawayo and at the age of four my family moved to Harare and we stayed in the Mbare initially, later we then moved to Ruwa.

When did your passion for music begin?

It is more of a calling. My first encounter with music was the age of two.

My mum so fondly tells me the story. I so badly wanted to sing in church and so I got up and started singing in church whilst the pastor was preaching.

Unfortunately, the only song I knew at the time was a secular song.

Tell us about the developmental stages of your gift

As I grew up I started to get more consciously involved in the music departments at school. I went to ArdbenniePrimary School, and from as early as grade three I had already joined the school choir, where I gained understanding of music. By, the time I was 14 I had written my first song and was now looking for resources to try and get my music produced. I also started getting involved in church worship ministry and that is what really molded my musical life.

How did the involvement of your seniors assist in molding you?

I was lucky enough to get exposed to seasoned musicians who I began to learn from and who also mentored me and started to refine my art. That is where I learnt musical discipline, stage presence, presentation, how to sing properly, how to worship, how to communicate with people on stage, amongst other things.

Their involvement was so pivotal to my career because that is also where I learnt to play the keyboard, the guitar and the drums.

After high school, I went on to study music at Zimbabwe College of Music.

Joshua Gareth Mtima aka Josh
Joshua Gareth Mtima aka Josh

What inspires you and your music?

My biggest inspiration is my mum. She is the most supportive woman in my life and she has always encouraged me, stood by me and believed in my talent. She always told me to keep pushing and that one day I will make it.

My inspiration in music is a mix of both International and local artists. Internationally, Todd Dulaney and Travis Greene have in my eyes changed what gospel music typically was expected to be. They have introduced a contemporary feel which is awesome because now gospel music can also be more appealing to young people and touch so many more souls.

I love their song writing, it is so rich in the word and rich in anointing. I look to them as I try better myself and my art. Locally, the likes of Pastor G and Minister Mahendere, have been so consistent and have come such a long way in their music. Also, Janet Manyowa is just outstanding, the creativity and the drive she has is unmatched and I really admire that.


What is your vision for your music?

We live in a broken world, and I believe that music can bring healing to a lot of people. The way I write songs and the message that instinctively flows out of me is one of hope, and inspiration for healing and restoration. So I ask God to allow me to be a vessel that speaks this message. I believe that so many lives can be transformed in this way and I pray that many souls will be won.

What words of encouragement do you have for young, aspiring musicians?

I would want to encourage them by saying your gifting will make room for you so don’t worry about too many things. Every day is a blessing from God to sharpen your skills make time to refine your art and your time will surely come.

You have to consistently work on your art in preparation for your Davidic moment. When you are in the valley and nobody sees you or knows you yet, that is your time to do the most work, thereafter the rest will fall into place, if you do the work, you will be ready for it. You have to push, you don’t become a great musician by how great you sound but rather by how driven and determined you are, that will determine how far you go.


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