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    DJ Tira to promote Zimbabwe’s tourism

    DJ Tira (real name Mthokozisi Mkhathi),South African record producer, DJ and Kwaito artiste has vowed to help promote Zimbabwe’s tourism through various initiatives. The Afrotainment boss who has become a regular visitor in the country met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House last month and the two, according to DJ Tira, discussed ways to promote the country’s tourism among other issues. Speaking to Chronicle Showbiz from his base in South Africa on Tuesday, DJ Tira said he scheduled a meeting with the First Citizen as he plans to ensure Zimbabwe’s rich tourism is well marketed to the world. “I met…

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    Charles Myambo Sits Down With Metaverse Mogul, Stack Pack, Who Is Teamed Up With C4 Energy & MotoBloq

    Stackpack is an international business mogul who is extremely multifaceted. He is an industry leader in NFTs, Crypto and Metaverse. Stack is a highly touted brand ambassador who represents brands such as Gucci, Belaire, Samsung and C4 Energy Drink. He also owns his own big magazine known as Internet Traffic. In addition, Stackpack has an unprecedented impact on social media having amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Stack tends to average 100K likes per post on Instagram which is among the highest worldwide for crypto influencers. He is verified on Instagram, Facebook, Metaverse and other huge social platforms. Charles…

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    Rockford Josphats – 2 million YouTube views in only two weeks?

    Roki born Rockford Josphats comeback, ‘Uchandifunga’ has reached the two million YouTube The hit track has become the first from a Zimbabwe based musician to reach over 2 million YouTube views in only two weeks. Uchandifunga’s sudden spike in YouTube view count recently raised eyebrows with speculations that the Roki and self proclaimed prophet, Passion Java ‘bought’ the views. The duo however vehemently denied the claims. Java refuted the allegations saying, “It’s embarrassing that as a country we have not had a video with one million views in one day. Passion Java A.KA. Twabaam with President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa “Everyone…

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    Zimbabwe Dancehall name-chanting killing creativity

    Jamaican reggae-dancehall artiste Busy Signal once sang, “Martin Luther black/Malcolm X, black/Marcus Garvey, black/Barrack Obama black . . .” in his popular track “Free Up”. The mentioning of such big names and history makers was not just in vain — it served a purpose. This was because Busy Signal wanted to recognise several black men who have excelled in their own right. Coming to Zimbabwean music, particularly Zimdancehall, there is a growing trend where musicians have literally become praise singers. They intermittently mention names of popular hustlers and dealers also referred to as “mbinga” on the streets. The “mbinga”, who…

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