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    ZiFM Stereo started broadcasting at 1200 hours on 15 August 2012. It is Zimbabwe’s first free to air radio station to stream online.  ZiFM Stereo is Zimbabwe’s first exclusive radio station, situated in Newlands, Harare; with transmission right now over all significant town, and their encompassing provincial ranges.

    The station is owned by AB Communications, which also owns two regional commercial radio stations, 98.4 Midlands in Gweru and Hevoi FM in Masvingo.

    The station’s format is 70% music and 30% talk. 75% of music is local and the other 25% is music from across Africa and around the world.

    The Station’s specialized operations are second-to-none in Zimbabwe – satellite innovation is utilized to disseminate our sign to the greater part of our transmitter locales the nation over; and every transmitter has a normal range of 200km. This system implies ZiFM Stereo achieves 80% of Zimbabwe, which surpasses even the national supporter’s scope. Our computerized supplies and studio offices are state of the craft – demonstrated by the especially clear nature of ZiFM Stereo’s sound.

    ZiFM Stereo has been consistently rated as the most credible source of news and information in Zimbabwe.

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    ZiFM Stereo

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