Cassper Nyovest has a total of 100 million views on YouTube

Cassper Nyovest is elated as he has a total of 100 million views on YouTube.

The views is an inclusion of his 3 channel which are Cassper Nyovest, Cassper Nyovest Vevo and Family Tree.

Mufasa’s team did collected the number and shared on Twitter, which Cass retweeted.

The number is fair, but there are some other musicians in South Africa who have higher numbers.

Mufasa spends a lot on his music video, as he desires a clean and good quality.

Most of his music videos are premiered on YouTube and they cost him much:

Music videos cost money. Sometimes they are a waste of money. There are currently no shows, so they are definitely a cost that people can save. Well, that’s when you’re self-funded. If you have the budget, ball out !!!“, he recently said.


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