Mannex: the Rough Diamond Re-Emerges

Survival in the music circles locally and globally requires great agility and mental strength because the streets are never kind.

One act who has had to be strong in all aspects of life to stay relevant in the game is none other than renowned reggae musician, Mannex Motsi.

The man has tasted the sweetness and bitterness that comes with journey. Just when one thinks he is down and out, somehow he just manages to rise again.

For the past few years Mannex has been maintaining a low profile. Staging gigs periodically but now he is back with a vision to stay consistent.

The singer is set to drop a new single on February 14 titled ‘Diamond in the rough’.

The track was produced by UAE based DJ Adrenaline Junkie in partnership with Lazzie Tand Winifred Munyoro.

“Diamond in the rough is part of the Mannex Covicious Singles Compilations album which I can’t say has how many tracks so far or when it will be released but I can assure people that they are a lot of good fresh songs on it,” he said.

Motsi shared that this is the best song he has written to date.

“This is the best song I have ever written. It crosses race it crosses borders age and cultures because it’s love supreme. I have never expressed love on any track like I have done on this one. I sang it from my soul as a lover of good soul reggae music and lovers rock,” shared the singer.

Mannex who is now under new management says together with his team they are trying to mend relations that went sour under his previous handlers.

“As a performing artist the plan is to put more effort in recording new music and publishing original music so we can feed the reggae community with music that touches the soul. I am also in the process of renegotiating my distribution contract with VPAL records, one of the biggest labels in the world in order to maximize all opportunities. But at the end of the day I was born to sing and I will continue to sing.”


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