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Nasty C Shares The Genre Of Music He Wants To Experiment With Next

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Nasty C Shares The Genre Of Music He Wants To Experiment With Next. Nasty C‘s music has taken him all over the world as his sound continues to grow and reach more people. Signed to Def Jam Records, the rapper has easily become one of the most prominent voices of the youth and continues to rise as a star in the Hip Hop industry.

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The Black And White rapper recently featured on an interview with the UK’s Mixtape Madness for an interview about his single with Ari Lennox being featured on the ‘Coming 2 America’ soundtrack and his own album Zulu Man With Some Power. Nasty C also touched on the genres of music he is interested in experimenting with next.

He mentioned that he is interested in exploring an EDM/Trap sound. “A Mixture of EDM/Trap, like something Skrillex would drop. Most of the stuff I want to test, I’ve already experimented with in the studio, but no one has ever heard it. What I want to do, is find a way to put it out, or give it to a DJ. It would be weird if I drop it, but if I gave it to someone else and I’m just featured on it, then it might work, you know?.” Nasty answered.

When talking about crossover sounds, Nasty then mentioned some more genres that interest him. “I want to dabbble with Spanish influenced hip-hop, but then also reggae. I’ve never tried it, but I love it so much. I feel like if I was to find the perfect producer who would know how to flip it, give it to me how I would want it, or how I would make it, then yeah.” Nasty said.

Nasty C has mainly dabbled in hip-hop music but has dived into R&B sounding tracks like SMA featuring Rowlene and Black And White with Ari Lennox.

Check out the Nasty’s full interview here: https://t.co/1nynFXCLqg?amp=1


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