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Blak Ryno Releases Rock Song Following Viral Challenge

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The wonders of the internet remain undefeated as Dancehall artist Blak Ryno has officially made his rock debut with Star Up in the Sky. 

The headbanging rocker actualised following DJ Franco’s viral ‘Rock N Ryno’ challenge last week, which saw the pairing of Ryno’s vocals with a rock instrumental. So, it was only fair that Franco be involved in the production of Ryno’s premiere rocker.

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Also produced by ZJ Sparks and Chambah with a sick electric guitar from Adahzeh’s Tara Dean Williamson, Star Up in the Sky is a gritty track about having a winning spirit despite life’s obstacles, inline with the singer’s lived experiences.

It was previewed by DJ Puffy on Wednesday during his weekly livestream. 

“Major respect goes out to everyone who played a major part in making this magic possible,” Ryno expressed in an Instagram post. “@sparkiebabyofficial @bloodlinefranco thank you for believing as well as giving me a major strength (opportunity), a chance again to showcase my talent as well as express myself through music.”

Fans are deeming the tune a major comeback for the artist, who has struggled to maintain visibility since a nasty fallout with the Portmore Empire and its founder, Vybz Kartel, more than a decade ago.

“Look how you gonna make history,” commented one user. “Watch the crossover.”

“Done tell you enuh G. The music industry need you, no joke.”

“The song bad 🔥🔥🔥. Keep pushing, don’t give up Ryno.“

Another added, “At dem again! Memba a seh fight fi rise, fight fi survive! So just keep believing bro, up. As mi granny used to seh, di hotter the battle the sweeter the victory. No block nobody mi G, mek dem see you glory and drop dung!! Caz a your time AGAIN!!”

Prior to the viral challenge, the Bike Back singjay was preoccupied with reconnecting with producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, and airing out disappointment that he’d not received feedback from Rvssian for his recording on the Dutty Money rhythm. 

Ryno rose to prominence in 2007 with his distinct singing style, songwriting, and image, which partly inspired his moniker. Since his departure from the Portmore Empire, he’s claimed to have been blackballed by music gatekeepers, contributing to his dimmed shine. In other cases, he’s accused artists of ripping his style, though he has also voiced regret over pursuing music. 

He’s since relocated to The States, which he says has been beneficial to his career. 


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