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In another mission of musical discovery, we have some hot tracks for your Dancehall playlist right now.

Here are 10 songs to update your Dancehall playlist, complete with the visuals to entertain you all the way through, or find them on our monthly playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

Boy Boy – New Uprising

Trinidadian fast-rising talent, Boy Boy released another new single; New Uprising this month making this, his third track since 2021, following Anatomy and Brain Guh. The 21-year-old has had vengeance on his mind of late.  Like his previously released single Ghetto Complaint last year, New Uprising is a similar forward to end police brutality of his kind and to declare his ‘dawgs dem [are] bad’ enough to wage war against antagonists in a new uprising.

The music video shows the artist in a theatre watching clips of street violence and riots via a vintage movie player as he delivers his warning, “If you want war, this a new uprising dawg … you know seh mi heart dark. My generation, dem really nuh have nuh brain, ready fi go clap it up, send it up in a brain, sup’n devastate fi make the news page, cause you know seh some a mi dawg dem nuh educate, a suh we instigate fi live another day.”

For Boy Boy, it’s not about starting the war but doing what he needs to do if they bring it on.

Taddi – Thigh Gap

Following her sultry Valentine’s Day release of Overrated, Jamaican singer Taddi has a new single out now, Thigh Gap. Issuing an effortless delivery about her in-demand assets, Taddi’s Thigh Gap is all about how she lures the fellows in by simply showing up. “Man say him want take mi all bout, all now mi nuh give him the minutes. Man nuh sop tell him friend him want get the digits. Body make out real nice, yuh nuh see seh mi form out,” she verses in a confident reveal as if chattering among her girls.

What’s next for the newcomer is a re-release of her single Pull Up, which Taddi says is one of her favorite songs, “I plan on re-releasing that song and putting some steady promo behind it because I know it’s a hit song,” she told The Star last month. Taddi is also known for her singles, Romantic Gangster and Pon Di side.

“This year is about hard work and, with the team I have, I am confident that we will reap many successes this year and onward,” she promises her fans.

Zac Jone$ – Lonely

Jamaican rapper Zac Jone$ continues on his path in sampling Reggae music with his new single Lonely. The track pounds on a Reggae-Rock acoustic as he raps and deejays about the feelings of loneliness that can come even in a relationship once ego and the insecurities of past relationships become involved. The video finds Zac in a quaint record shop, playing and rocking to the music while smoking spliff after spliff, just savoring in a true Jamaican vibe.

In his teaming with Agent Sasco last year January on the single Miss Jamaica, the 23-year-old said stepping into Reggae was new territory for him. “At first I was a bit nervous to release it (the single) because it’s a different sound for me. People know me as a rapper so it was a new step incorporating more reggae but still with a rap element to it. However, the feedback has been exceptional and people are really connecting to it,” he said.

Lonely is the second single from his upcoming EP, Man A Yard following his previous Ridin Thru King$ton, which debuted in 2017.

Sean Paul & Busy Signal – Boom

As promised, Sean Paul delivers with an official release of the single Boom with Busy Signal. The track will appear on Paul’s upcoming LP, Live N’ Living on March 12. Merging two nostalgic sounds in Dancehall, this fusion is simply pure gold. Boom is an energetic party banger to get the ladies on their feet. Laying down their instructions, Paul and Busy interchanges their lyrical directives:

“Move you body good body gyal, sexy body gyal, thick body gal move you body. Wine up you body bruk it down low wine up you waist and tip pon you toe sexy pose double six domino brace it back pon me slow. Bubble it gyal mek it boom… shake up the place, make it boom!”

Paul also promised a new music video this month for his previously released track Guns of Navarone. The release will be a remix with his original collaborators, Jesse Royale and Mutabaruka, along with the addition of Ghanaian deejay, Stonebwoy. He also plans on releasing music videos with Buju Banton and another with Shenseea soon.

Khalia – No Better Day

Jamaican-born, London bred singer, Khalia gives another vibrant delivery in her new single No Better Day, which released last month. The track lends a positive outlook to hustling and getting your own no matter which passage you take. The artist takes on the roles of a waitress, street vendor, and hairdresser while other scenes in the music video show others doing the same to make ends meet.

In her pure and suave sounding vocals, she belts out encouraging verses to push forward and overcome procrastination, “Living in a world like dis I have struggled been through crisis, seen my family a live pon chips Sometime I just wanna call it quits but I know the pain I feel won’t shift. So I’m stronger dan a new brown grip Aye aye I’m the captain of my ship if I shoot then I won’t ever miss,” she croons to inspire her audiences.

Khalia also released another single Free a week ago, following her gospel ballad, Hallelujah prior.

Safa Diallo & Beenie Man – Nene Futa

African star Safa Diallo from Guinea has already released 2 albums which feature Dancehall heavyweights like Capleton and Busy Signal. Now he teams up with the King of Dancehall, Beenie Man for his latest single Nene Futa with entertaining visuals to coincide.

In rich Afrobeat dials, Safa croons his verses in his native tongue with the assist of Beenie, who tells the girls, “Wine up yuh bumpa pon da gravel yah, park yuh dumpa truck pon da shovel yah.” The visuals find the two lady-magnets in a traditional corner bar where several bendy girls dance to their amusement.

The new single Nene Futa is already ranked as one of the 20 best songs of the week on Spotify Ghana. Beenie’s 19th studio album, Simma is completed and awaiting a release date any time now. The collection will include acts such as Shaggy, Dexta Daps, Sean Paul, Major Lazer, and Fanatic.

He released visuals for the track Fun In The Sun, just 2 days ago, which features Popcaan and Dre Island.

Yeshkin – Ruption

Dancehall artiste Yeshkin cant seem to get this certain someone off his mind in his new single Ruption. She’s a “bad gyal” hailing from the trenches of Tivoli Gardens, skin so clean like the “road dung a Duncans” and when she shakes her bam bam, Yeshkin says she creates ruption.

The young singjay also released his single Fake Love last week to tease his R&B and rapping chops while sampling, Alicia Keys’ Unthinkable. He also dropped another track Silhouette last month.

Ce’Cile – Your Night

Bad Gyal Ce’Cile appears on the music scene this week with her single Your Night. In the track, the Dancehall singer is on a quest to give her beau a good time and anything his heart desires. “Tonight is your night” she guarantees, “Mi want give you something nice. Like your birthday, same way you nuh haffi ask twice.”

Ce’Cile portrays herself as the ultimate ‘sugar mama’, offering up wads of cash and stacks of Epican weed to her guy in a mission to please him beyond measure. “Anything you need go fickle … bad gyal yuh need in a yuh life. Some gyal too nice.”

Ce’Cile’s last track prior, released in November last year entitled, Heart Break. She’s been busying herself with other ventures, launching her first children’s book this year, titled My Hair Story.

Chronic Law – Jah Jah

Adding to his prolific musical collection, Chronic Law is back yet again in what appears to be a weekly release schedule with his single Jah Jah.

In soulful tones, the Law Boss talks about the struggles and pressures in the life of the ones who have it the hardest. But in comforting verses he sings, “Jah Jah deh yah fi us. When yuh feel yuh have no weh fi go and you feel like yuh nu have nobody close, love yourself. Yourself love you the most.”

Jah Jah follows his other tracks She Have Feelings, which released 2 days ago. Along with others like Watch Man, Persistent, Love Gamble, Good Inna Mi Heart Confront, Snow Heart, Brave, No Style, Must Nice, and Drugs Plane ft. Gold Gad, which all release at the top of the year.

Tommy Lee Sparta – Ozone

Bolstering his badness and his riches, Tommy Lee Sparta shifts the lesser pedigree to the side in his latest single Ozone. He’s not the talk of the town but rather the “Talk of the Ozone” he says. “Dem boy deh nuh bad like we, yuh hear mi nuh boss lady, dem boy deh nuh rich like me,” he sings in his infamous fear-inflicting method.

The artiste, who is currently facing gun and ammunition charges and remains in police custody, is carrying on with his music nonetheless. Lee dropped Black Magic and Holding On last month. Another, Power Struggle with Teejay was released in January.


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