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Mr. Crime Minister was “As Real As It Gets” when he explained how he and Dancehall star Vybz Kartel share the same baby mother on his new YouTube show of the same name.

The producer and Head Concussion Records affiliate, nicknamed Consi, has actually been shouted out on Vybz Kartel hits in the past — “Ay Consi, dem bwoy nuh fancy, dem ah Anansi, mi lyrics wear dem out like a ganzi,” Kartel said on The Lyricist (2011).  

Known for his entertaining and interesting content these days, however, he wasted no time divulging the “big embarrassment” involving the Teacha. 

Crime Minister didn’t identify the female in question, only disclosing that theirs was a short-lived four-month relationship that ended on amicable terms. Eight months down the line, however, she reached out with a text message that gave him the shock of his life.

“I’ll be having your daughter next month…If you want to be a part of your daughter’s life, yuh can mek me know right now, if yuh don’t, then I fully understand”, he said the message read. 

Crime Minister was around his crew at the time and recalled “every man ah bawl out DNA, DNA, DNA” but decided against it, and was ultimately glad he did. “December di 13, will neva forget, when my daughter born, mi glad mi neva waste my money an do no DNA. Mi couldn’t believe seh a human being coulda come out an look like a next human being so perfect. I just immediately saw me”, he said.

Crime Minister said everything was going smoothly in the “legendary father life” until he realised his baby mother was trying to rekindle their old flame, especially with sexual advances. That wasn’t his agenda, so the outspoken personality told her, “Remember we’re not a couple like that enuh, we’re just cordial, keeping it civil so if yuh feel like yuh waan go an do yuh ting an rae, feel free. Mi deh yah fi we daughter, feel free.”    

Whether she was put off by his honesty or waiting on permission to ‘do road’ all along, she wasted no time moving on. “People yuh see afta dah speech deh, so said so done. She went and did her thing, basically,” he said laughing. 

Crime Minister brought up a period after that, where her family and the police thought she was missing, only to discover that she was quite fine, but a certain love interest with a white Lexus had taken over her time. 

“Dem time deh dem live inna one three storey building and dem lock di gate fi try lock har een cause it look like she deh pon a move again. People, her modda seh ah throw she throw off di bag offa di three storey balcony and chuck head first ova dat. Straight ova di b—t balcony wid di bag an jump inna a white Lexus jeep, gone. Vroom!” 

Coincidentally, that same line — “Pretty face, small waist, fat p—y, cock batty/ Jump inna di Lexus jeep yuh nuh ratty”, is heard on the Vybz Kartel song, She Know Fi (2009).

When she vanished again after the “SpiderMan tactics”, she resurfaced on the front page of THE STAR posing with none other than Vybz Kartel. The Special Delivery was a shocker to him since “ah Head Concussion did response fi Kartel” at that time in his career. 

“Ah Rvssian first grab di STAR an seh, ‘B—t Consi, ah wah gwaan.’ Bere people ah laugh an rae. Dem time deh mi start go pon di defensive, ‘yow ah nuh mi girl, she free fi do anything.’”

He secretly hoped that THE STAR would run a different story the next day, but by then it had spread to Miss Kitty’s VIP Backstage show on RETV, HYPE TV, and all of the popular blog sites at the time.

Still, light-hearted hysterics aside, the former road manager for Dancehall artist Chan Dizzy was hurt nonetheless by the ordeal. “It was all kinda mix up. It was jus a time in mi life when mi couldn’t believe ah wah dis,” he confessed.   

There’s no ill will on his part towards the Love Dem deejay though.

“We nuh carry grudge roun ‘ere enuh people, one ting wid we, we keep it real like dat enuh. At di end of di day big up to Vybz Kartel same way. Free Worl’ Boss till it turn di next way, Worl’ Boss free, straight up.”

The two fathers even spent Kartel’s last Father’s Day together.  “We laugh it out,” over a bottle of Henny, he said.

The Crime Minister also hilariously maintained, “Di dawg neva know seh ah did my girl, plus it wasn’t really my girl, yuh zimmi.”  “She did free fi do wah she wan do.”

He explained that she migrated to Canada with her two daughters. “Mumma couldn’t tek the pressure and mumma cut. Canada. Out there with the youth dem”.

“Mumma is doing a very wonderful job now, you done know, hats off to har.  I must say, the daughter dem beautiful, she a raise two beautiful daughter.”

Vybz Kartel, who has been incarcerated since September 2011, has seven children total with five women — 5 boys and 2 girls, confirmed in the tracks Man Straight (2014) and Family (2015).

Three of the boys — the oldest, 17-year-old Jaheim ‘Likkle Vybz‘, 16-year-old Akheel ‘Likkle Addi‘, and Aiko ‘World Boss Jr.’ Palmer — were fathered with his wife and businesswoman Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson.

The deejay’s oldest daughter is Adi’Anna ‘Girl Boss’ Palmer, shared with entrepreneur Sherika Todd.

“Pull up inna Brooklyn and Shahiem roll out,” he deejayed in About Us (2020) in reference to his son Shahiem, who resides in the US.  He has a fifth son, named Kahieme.

Kartel introduced his youngest daughter, Amani, on Instagram in 2016, to clear the air that he only had two daughters amid viral claims, at the time, that there was a third.

“My next princess Amani,” he wrote in the Instagram post, before adding “although we have never met”.  Amani, now 10-years-old, lives in Canada with her mother, Amanda, and her younger-half sister.

Watch Crime Minister’s video below.


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