Meet Diana Elisha Nheera the Multi-Talented Creative

Diana Elisha Nheera is a very focused and creative young woman. I got to know about Diana in 2016 when I was looking for someone to design a logo for Mambure. Because Mambure is mainly about girl empowerment and challenging gender stereotypes in careers, I deliberately wanted our logo to be designed by a fellow woman but it was proving difficult to find a female graphic designer. I had given concept about the organisation to a few male graphic designers, but their designs did not impress me.

By Hellen Venganai

One of my sons then linked me with Diana and shared the story behind Mambure. In no time she had come up with our beautiful logo which I have shared in this post. Because of her creativity, we asked her to design our main banner. Our relationship didn’t end there because she then told me she was also good with managing online pages to increase visibility for brands and organisations. We asked her to run the page on trial basis. She did it very well and we owe the many likes on Mambure Facebook page to Diana’s efforts . Then there was a time when my pocket dried up . She also designed a poster that challenges gender stereotypes in education and we distributed these posters in several primary schools in Bikita.

Diana would at some point accompany us in our outreaches and would take very professional photos. Besides graphic designing, she is a talented photographer too who has worked with upcoming artists, SMEs and sports-persons to enhance their brands.


Diana is also a passion driven Freelance Digital Marketer, Content Marketing Professional and Social Media Marketing Entrepreneur. She is a IT trained graduate who worked for reputable advertising industries in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Her drive is on helping professionals from various disciplines market their business.


Diana is co-founder of Pusha Maworks, a movement that seeks to facilatate skills transfer and skills share in fields that require practical skills such as music, farming, etc. Recently, Diana and Pusha Maworks team were in Guruve to train a group of female smallholder farmers on how to embrace digital technologies to market their agricultural produce. You will appreciate that Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have negatively affected farmers. But even musicians have also been affected in a bad way because they cannot hold music shows. Using her other set of expertise as a music talent manager, Diana has been invited to different platforms to speak about Surviving Covid-19 as a music creative. This is quite important because artists have to adapt to the changing environment if they are to stay afloat.


So help me celebrate this multi-talented young woman who has impacted many brands and inspired people like us. She is certainly destined for greater heights because she quickly identifies opportunities and seizes them. Well done Diana. I am super proud of you for your professionalism and challenging some gender stereotypes.


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