Nota Baloyi Details His Next Big Mission In The SA Music Industry

Nota Baloyi Details His Next Big Mission In The SA Music Industry. Music Executive Nota Baloyi is known widely in the SA Hip Hop industry for his opinions on the industry. Nota has been confronted by a few SA rappers for his opinions but that doesn’t stop him from speaking what’s on his mind, now he has something important to share could change the industry.

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Nota recently appeared on the latest episode of ‘The Sobering Podcast’ marking his second appearance on the show. He spoke on a number of topics relating to the SA Music Industry including Rap Lyf Records and Plaque Capping. Nota used the opportunity to detail his next big mission in the industry. He explained to the hosts that what he wants to do next is to end Gender Based Violence within the industry.

The mission now is to end abuse, gender based violence and femicide within the recording industry of South Africa and rape culture because that’s where I’m a committee member, that’s where I’ve got influence.” Nota explained.

Nota used the example of when Enhle Mbali spoke out about being abused by her ex husband Black Coffee. In the interview Nota also makes mention of Enhle applying for a protection order against him.

Nota also used the podcast to also explain how he plans to assist in erasing student debt in South Africa. He has plans to use Kwesta’s DaKar II album cover as an NFT (non-fungible token) to sell enough of it to make enough money to cancel all student debt.

He has spoken about how he feels rappers can use their influence to speak on important issues like students not being able to register for the academic year because they have outstanding fees. He criticized the new generation of rappers for their absence during the student registration protests and highlighted that AKA and HHP marched next to students during Fees Must Fall.

Check out Nota’s interview on The Sobering Podcast here:


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