SPAR’s ‘More for Sho’ campaign redefines festive season shopping

SPAR’s ‘More for Sho’ campaign redefines festive season shopping – South Africans have faced countless economic challenges over the past year. This includes numerous interest rate hikes, fuel price escalations, and a surge in food costs. Considering the growing consumer focus on personal welfare and financial survival, SPAR has committed to ensuring that this festive season is one of both joy and financial ease.

Historically, this time of year is marked with luxury purchases, but this is no longer the case. While South Africans are still expected to spend over R200 billion this festive season, for the most part this will be spent on essentials.

It’s important for businesses to understand their customers’ lives, pain points and aspirations”, says Tony Mun-Gavin, National Marketing Executive at The SPAR Group. “As we’ve seen the whole year, budget-conscious consumers are searching for the very best deals on essentials. Delivering everyday value is now more important than ever, and shoppers should be looking no further than SPAR”.

To drive this message home, SPAR has launched a new campaign that not only fronts into the affordability perception of the brand, but also introduces a series of deals and promotions that may help shoppers afford a better festive season than they may have anticipated – and beyond.

Meet the Nkosi Family

Filled with action, drama and laughter, SPAR’s captivating new advertising follows the Nkosi family – an everyday South African household – as they navigate the complexities of life, showcasing the highs and lows that resonate with people from all backgrounds.

Three Seasons of “More for Sho”

The campaign, aptly titled “More for Sho”, will span three seasons, each exploring different aspects of the Nkosi family’s experiences. In the first series, which aired this past weekend, the Nkosi family takes centre stage to address SPAR’s commitment to offering the very best deals.

Each vibrant member of the family plays a unique role.


Mandla, affectionately called ‘Boy Curious’, is in admiration of his father and happy to assist in the mission to save.


Then, there’s Langa, referred to as ‘Lil’ Sass,’ whose penchant for more pocket money adds a playful dynamic.

Gogo ‘Grand Timer’

Gogo, also known as ‘Grand Timer,’ always has something to add to the saving discussions.

Lionel ‘Mr Budgets’

Lionel, the patriarch and head of the household, is known as ‘Mr. Budgets’, steering the family ship away from spending too much whenever he can.

Cindy ‘Super Maaaaa’

Finally, there is Cindy, or ‘Super Maaaaa’, possessing a knack for knowing where and when to get the best deals and savings. Together, this eclectic cast navigates essential spending with a blend of curiosity, humour, and a shared commitment to the family’s economic well-being.

SPAR – the go-to destination for low prices & Deals

The campaign uses humour to emphasise SPAR as the go-to destination for shoppers seeking low prices and value-added deals. By showcasing the Nkosi family’s relatable shopping stories in our initial episodes, and through digital and social content, we are encouraging consumers to make informed choices while emphasising our obsession with providing quality products at affordable prices,” says Mun-Gavin.

When it comes to affordability and savings, SPAR remain committed to going above and beyond consumer expectations.

Many people don’t realise, but our house brand products are among the most affordable in the market. They offer customers a way to buy smartly and get more for less across various ranges and categories. Similarly, our SPAR Rewards card provides monthly deals and promotions across a range of products to help our customers with cost savings within their budgets, plus it ensures access to competitions and instant in-store winnings” continues Mun-Gavin.

Spar invites you to experience the journey

The visual direction for the “More for Sho” campaign draws inspiration from the fun and lovable cast, the set, and overall styling of the commercials, providing a seamless transition to print and digital platforms. SPAR invites everyone to experience the journey of the Nkosi family and discover the affordability and value that SPAR brings to its customers.

Our ambition is to be the first-choice brand in the communities we serve. This means offering our shoppers value and making their everyday easier – something that we’re very passionate about. “More for Sho” is not just a campaign; it’s a celebration of the diverse and vibrant South African households that SPAR proudly serves”, concludes Mun-Gavin.

All episodes to be aired during ad breaks on eTV, SABC and select DSTV channels. Follow the Nkosi family on social media at #ThatsWhyWeShopAtSPAR

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