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Celebrities Whose Children Went to Rehab

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Tallulah Willis has been open about her eating disorder and substance abuse struggles for years, admitting she also took everyone with her to share her experiences at the rehab.

In a 2015 interview with Teen Vogue, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s youngest daughter shared more details about her issues and the way she learned how to love herself.

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“I recall very specifically: I was in a New York hotel room when I was 13 (before social media was such a huge thing), looking at a photo of myself online,” she said. “I broke down in tears as I started to read the comments.”

Tallulah continued, “I thought, I am a hideous, disgusting-looking person. I might be nice and I might be kind, but I’m a really unattractive human being. In that moment, a switch flipped. It wasn’t about the anonymous cyberbullies—I became my own worst critic.”

Years later, she admitted herself to Driftwood Recovery for her eating disorder — body dysmorphic disorder — which she was diagnosed with when she was only 13.


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