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Get a theater-like experience at home with a center channel speaker on sale

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This stylish speaker will make your favorite shows and movies even more captivating.

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TL:DR: Boost your TV sound with the Pioneer PSP-C22 Center Channel Speaker, on sale for $79.99 — a 46% savings — as of March 22.

If you’re serious about home audio, you know it can get expensive pretty quick. That’s why you may want to jump on the Pioneer PSP-C22 Center Channel Speaker, which is on sale for nearly half off for a limited time.

With 4.7 out of 5 stars, the Pioneer PSP-C22 is an Amazon favorite and an excellent option for professionals and home entertainment enthusiasts alike. It delivers robust sound that stays anchored to the action on-screen, making it an excellent addition to your home streaming setup.

The C22 offers the same impressive sound quality as its predecessor, the C21, but in a smaller, more compact package. (The changes were made in light of user feedback.) It should fit seamlessly into your cabinet, on your shelves, or wherever you store your audio equipment. And its curved design is not only aesthetically pleasing — it’s also designed to reduce standing sound waves inside the cabinet.

Learn more about the speaker below, courtesy of creator Andrew Jones.

While the Pioneer PSP-C22 usually costs $149, you can slash 46% off for a limited time, knocking the price down to just $79.99.


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