Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau Calls On Government To Rescue Cross Border Traders

Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau (ZWB) calls upon the Chapter 12 Commissions to address with urgency the concern of its membership of women in informal trade particularly cross border trade. Speaking at a press conference on cross border trade , ZWB calls upon the independent commission to act to ensure that this sector’s societies needs are addressed.

By Tariro Mahachi

While the government announce through the ministry of finance the availability of stimulus cushion of the loss income during the lockdown, the rollout of the funds have been slow. Speaking at the press conference, the board member of ZWB Gracious Mashingaidze said ” the ministry of finance has to be transparency in the process of giving out cushion and ensure that the vulnerable especially informal cross border traders receive the cushion as deserving Zimbabwean citizens.”

ZWB encourages the government to avail the cushion to cross border traders without any delay as borders opens on the first of December 2020.

Challenges brought by Covid 19 have rendered cross border traders worst hit as their sources of income has been eroded by the closure of borders.

ZWB calls key government departments whose role is to facilitate smooth movement across the country, to execute their duties in gender sensitive in peaceful manner that enables women traders to pursue their livelihood without being abused sexually and emotionally.

In an interview with the ZWB member Eugene Mukwasangombe  said,” women are abused at the borders and are asked for sexual favours to declare their goods .”

ZWB is concerned about the authorities who puts crossborder women in compromising position their by calling Chapter 12 Commissions to look into these issues.

Speaking to journalist who attended the press conference Programmes Manager Memory Muchenga said “about 30% of ZWB members are  abused sexually or emotionally at the borders.”

ZWB advocates for the advancement of women’s rights particularly focusing on their livelihood.


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