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ZTA unleash cops on errant operators

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The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has unleashed the police on errant operators in the tourism sector whom they accuse of not adhering to set laws including payment of required statutory fees for their operations.

This comes as the country faces a high rise of unregistered operators who are operating without proper documentation prejudicing the country millions of United States dollars in potential revenue.

A senior ZTA official said in areas like Manicaland, thousands of operators are operating illegally and pleaded with the police to act and ensure those acting outside the obligations should face the wrath.

Manicaland recorded 2.5% contribution to the national tourism purse but the official said this could be more if those operating outside the law are to adhere to the statutes.

“Why our numbers are so low is because some tourism operators are not registering,” the senior ZTA official said. “We cannot therefore have information on business that flows to your facilities. We plead with the ZRP, since you have arresting powers, to enforce registrations and tell those not following the law that they will be arrested.”

The ZTA recently called for all operators of tourist facilities who have not registered to act in compliance with the law, particularly Section 36 of the Tourism Act (Chapter 14:20) of 1996 by April 1, this year.

All those who fail, the ZTA said, will face penalties.

Those expected to register include conference organisers, restaurants, hunting operators, tour guides among others.

The tourism sector has registered what the government view as a positive boom in the last few months.

This has been attributed to several campaigns mainly promoting local tourism.

Meanwhile, operators in Nyanga, Manicaland province has bemoaned the lack of basic infrastructure including roads that lead to their facilities and challenged stakeholders to work on addressing the challenges.

The operators were speaking during an all-stakeholder engagement organized by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in Nyanga recently.

Nyanga South Member of Parliament Supa Mandiwanzira also called on stakeholders to work in harmony and address real or perceived challenges.


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