Corruption, greed – not doctors – kill Covid sufferers

The local clinic had nothing for emergency treatment. So we drove to Kwekwe. At that time (around 22:00 hrs), we were given a prescription to be bought in town, at a private pharmacy. I then had to beg and phone around for cash – which, of course, I only got the next morning. Unbeknown to the people I was speaking to, I was actually sicker than my mom. She actually got better sooner than me. I am the one still not well.

So we got the money, then where to withdraw it. I needed to use EcoCash. I got there. Nearly falling with pain, and they told me come back at 11:00 when they receive the  USDs. Both mom and I are now shaking in pain. We waited in the car for two hours. Then we got the cash. After getting the cash…wow, no medications. We had to return the following day. Mom was better, but I was worse. She had to drive us in her state to town.

We eventually got the meds. Mom got well immediately, but I am only worse. Today, mom is as bubbly as always. I am still under the weather. Hopefully by end of week will write something, especially over this issue.

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