First Lady Auxillia Munangagwa Calls For Women To Fast Against Covid-19

Zimbabwe First Lady Auxillia Munangagwa calls for all women to Fast and pray for three day against Covid-19 as case of the viras continue to surge. As at 19 January Zimbabwe has recorded 783 new cases, 53 deaths, 28675 cumulative cases and 825 deaths.

Story by Sharon Chikwanha

” May I as a mother of the Nation call upon all women in Zimbabwe ,and all those abroad who may so wish , to join me me in fasting and praying to the Lord the Almighty from tommorow 21 to Saturday 23 January 2021 for our nation to be spared from further calamity and suffering”, she said.

The second wave of covid 19 has attacked Zimbabwe with daily deaths . Covid 19 which cannot be cured has affected a myriad families despite of their social status.

” Our country has witnessed a lot of Covid 19 deaths in the past two weeks.Death is within our communities at our door step . There is no family that has not suffered the loss of their beloved ones because of the pandemic .”, First Lady Auxillia Munangagwa added.

It is part of woman’ s responsibility to protect her family through prayer in Christian world.African culture on the other hand believe that woman are unifying tools.

“As women we play a very important role in our society .We hold the family unity together and get it to work for our daily life.”, Said the first Lady Auxillia Munangagwa

In her speech ,First lady Auxillia Munangagwa urged woman to practice hygienic measures of reducing the spread of Covid 19 pandemic. ” Let us include the measures against Covid 19 as we play our motherly role of ensuring that every family is responsible for their personal hygiene.”,she said .

Joining the first Lady Auxillia Munangagwa,Patron of the Zimbabwe Indigenous Inter- denominational churches council of churches (ZIICC) Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi advised members and all Zimbabweans to join.

State President, Comrade Emerson Dambudzo Munangagwa once  proclaimed an international day of prayer and fasting for Covid 19 in July 2019 last.

Covid 19 has a devastating impacts on livelihoods hence people should tackle the pandemic in any way possible including masking up and sanitizing habits.


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